About Bella Labor

About Me

Hello, I’m Sarah Smith.

I’ve been passionate about childbirth for as long as I can remember. As a young girl and later a teenager, I was given the opportunity to attend two of my siblings’ births. I watched my mother — in awe as she exhibited such strength and grace during the birthing process. I knew from then on that I would never get enough of witnessing and playing a small part in the beautiful miracle of new life as it enters this world.

I am now married and have three precious children of my own. My oldest son was born with a severe congenital heart defect. Only half of his heart developed correctly, so he arrived fighting for his life and immediately needed the first of three open-heart surgeries in order to survive. After having two more surgeries before the age of three, he is now stable and doing remarkably well. My second pregnancy held another unique set of surprises as we soon discovered we would be having not one baby, but twins — a boy and a girl — to welcome into our family. With one medically fragile child, as well as twins to chase around, it has certainly been a wild, but fun, ride. When I’m not attending a birth or spending time with my crazy kiddos, I enjoy cooking, reading, and making special memories with my family.

My Experience

I began working as a doula in 2003, mostly attending births of friends, family members, and the occasional acquaintance. While I loved and cherished each opportunity to lend support in the birthing room over the years, I only periodically served as a doula while I completed my graduate degree, got married, and had my own children. With my kiddos now in school, I’m excited to dedicate my time to providing doula services to expectant mothers in the Charlotte area.

Philosophy of Birth

As the first born in a family of six children – and now having three of my own – “mothering” has always come naturally to me. It is this strong instinct to nurture, meet both physical and emotional needs, and tend to the comfort of those under my care. I believe every birthing woman should be supported in this way. As a doula, my most important job is to “mother the mother.” While the birthing mother and her partner focus on the important work of bringing a new life into this world, a doula will keep her focus on the mother’s needs, desires, and emotional well-being. I believe the birth of your child is one of the most significant moments in your life. It is my goal to help that experience be as smooth and positive as it can possibly be – helping to preserve your birth as a memory you can treasure forever.

Specialized Skills

• Multiples

• Medically fragile babies

• NICU stays

• Congenital heart defects

• Conversational in Spanish