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Bella Labor Birth Package

Complimentary introductory meeting:
-Answer questions about doulas and services provided
-Get to know each other

First pre-natal visit:
-Review medical history
-Discuss birth/labor preferences
-Discuss stress triggers
-Help with birth plan (if desired)
-Doula contract/paperwork

Second pre-natal visit (if desired):
-Practice labor positions
-Final details

Availability via phone call/text for questions throughout pregnancy

Continuous physical and emotional support during all of labor
-Arriving as early in labor as the mother wishes
-Support can begin at home or upon arrival to the hospital/birthing center

Support immediately following birth (up to 1-1.5 hours after delivery):
-Includes help establishing breastfeeding (if desired)
-Available to take photos of the newborn/family*

Post-natal visit:
-Occurs after return home from hospital/birth center
-Parents debrief about birth and ask questions
-Receive a copy of the birth events/any notes taken from the doula’s perspective

Package price: $900

*For an additional fee, I will bring my own camera and do amateur photography of portions of the labor and immediately following, including newborn. Photos will be slightly touched up as needed and delivered at post-natal visit on a disk.