Client Testimonials

“I really can’t say enough wonderful things about Sarah! I was SO nervous about attempting my first natural childbirth. My first 2 were inductions and I was determined my 3rd would be different. She was SO encouraging and calming. My labor and delivering went awesome! She catered to me the whole time, held my hand when I needed her to and encouraged me when I didn’t feel like I could go on anymore. It was the most amazing natural childbirth, I honestly couldn’t have done it without her! My husband was able to just be by my side the whole time, she did all of the talking with the nurses, would get ice chips when needed etc…I highly recommend Sarah!Lindsay D., Tega Cay, SC

“Sarah was absolutely amazing during my pregnancy and labor/delivery. She helped me have the labor and delivery I wanted, despite having a couple of setbacks. I could not have done it without her. We plan to have her again for any future births!” Becca B. • Huntersville, NC

“Sarah was a fantastic asset during both my pregnancy and labor and delivery. She provided numerous resources prior to the labor and delivery experience that really helped my partner and I align on what we wanted to do during the labor and birth of our son — everything from comfort measures at home and in the hospital to pain management to what to bring the the hospital to helping us to create a birth plan. She really made sure she understand what we wanted, that we understood what our options were, and was supportive of our choices without judging or pushing anything.

During our labor and delivery Sarah was a calm presence that provided us support, guidance, and distraction when needed. I cannot imagine having gone through the process without her — I would highly recommend Bella Labor and Sarah’s Doula services to anyone who is expecting!” Sarah V. • Huntersville, NC

“Sarah was incredibly helpful during my rather long induction and labor. My husband and I are so glad she was there to offer support and suggestions. She made us feel comfortable and confident in our decisions. Plus she gives a great massage, mamas!” Kristin S. • Charlotte, NC

“Sarah was an incredibly kind, supportive, and accommodating doula. She worked so well with my husband and I. She was very responsive throughout my pregnancy. She met us at the hospital at 12am when I started my induction and was ready to support us through the process, which she did beautifully and with personal touches. The induction was not part of my plan, but Sarah was incredibly supportive and made me feel comfortable about the process/change in plans. I would highly recommend Sarah if you are considering a doula!” Erika D. • Tega Cay, SC

“My experience with Sarah Smith was beyond exceptional. I was very nervous to have my first child and had no idea what to expect. Sarah did an amazing job laying all my worries to rest and leaving me a feeling of confidence. I ended up being induced unexpectedly and had a difficult time with the nurses at my hospital. While dealing with all the emotions that come with child birth I was having a hard time getting them to listen. Sarah was able to keep the situation calm for me and deal with them so that I was able to focus on what was most important. After the birth of my daughter all the doctors and nurses were focused on my daughter and Sarah continued to make sure I was doing okay and being there for me. I have always felt that my child birth experience was very easy and relaxed, and I give absolute credit to Sarah.Mackenzie S. • Fort Mill, SC

Newborn with mom