Why a Doula? 

How can a doula help moms and their birth partners?

A birth doula supports mothers and their partners by providing knowledge, comfort, education, and continuous physical and emotional support necessary for a fulfilling birth experience. Doulas meet with the mother before birth to discuss any specific wishes concerning the birth, as well as providing information about labor signs and what to expect during delivery. The doula becomes familiar with any special needs and discusses what types of pain relief measures the mother would like to use.

Doulas may utilize the following tools to support mothers in labor:

• Massage

• Heat/cold therapies

• Breathing techniques

• Position changes

• Counter pressure

• Education

• Encouragement

Benefits of working with a doula

• Help with writing a birth plan (if desired)

• Consistent, compassionate, non-judgmental care throughout the entire labor and delivery process

• Higher levels of confidence in both the mothers and the partners as coaches

• Increased maternal sense of satisfaction in the birth

• Availability of a labor professional for pre-natal questions and debriefing after the birth

• Potential reduction in the use of certain interventions (e.g., epidurals, forceps & cesareans)

Doula helping woman on a birthing ball